Flower & Herb Dryer

Hydroponics Flower & Herb Dryer
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Flower & Herb Dryer For Organic Indoor Gardening


- Exhaust air is free of strong homegrown odors.
- Very useful for indoor growing where drying odors may cause irritation.
- Drying time is decreased, 2 -4 days for most hydroponic gardening yields .
- A effective odor killing Coco-Carbon Filter traps most smells & molecules.


- Sturdy black plastic drying container.
- Lid can be removed for easy access.
- Quiet 3" ball bearing fan with metal finger guard.
- Grounded three-pin plug.
- 2 Removable mesh shelves hold ample yields of healing herbs or flowers.
- Thick removable pre-filter can be quickly cleaned by washing.
- Long lasting, Coco-Carbon Filter.




Assembled Dryer, Full View