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Hydroponics 101

Before you grow, what to know

09/15/2011 12:05
BEFORE YOU GROW, WHAT TO KNOW. Cleanliness is the key! This goes for all environments or methods of growing. Even down to how you get your plants. Cleanliness is one of the key factors that will make your grow a winner or a loser. The only way you lose in the case of cleanliness is if you never...

Hydroponics V.S. Soil Growing

08/19/2011 23:41
Hydroponics V.S. Soil Growing Gardening Tips — By NUG Magazine on January 1, 2010 at 3:48 pm People are always asking me, what’s better to grow in, hydroponics or soil? I never have enough time when someone asks this question to give them a complete answer. The truth is it all depends on the...


08/18/2011 20:22
Hydroponics (What is it?) What makes a plant grow? The majority of plants require a few essentials; water, air, light, mineral salts, and a growing medium to support the roots. A plant growing in soil sends out a root system to absorb the mlneral salts available in the soll. These salts,...


08/18/2011 11:33
MARIJUANA GROWERS HANDBOOK     Part I General Infromation   Preface         In 1969, Richard Nixon initiated Operation Intercept, a pro- gram designed to stem the flow of Mexican marijuana into this country. The program forced...

Treating Your Self


08/23/2011 18:05
Treating Yourself. Issue 01.pdf (2,6 MB) Beginner's Guide To Growing (14,3 kB) Cannabis Time Lapse Video Overgrow Pot Ganja Weed Grow Marijuana Overgrow Pot Ganja Weed Growing Time Lapse Timelapse []_xvid.mkv (4,7 MB) Ed Rosenthals Marijuana Growing Tips.pdf (5,9...

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