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Vampire 6'' Cool-Tube Reflector

NAME:Vampire 6'' Cool-Tube Reflector  

Vampire 6'' Cool-Tube Reflector


  • Dimensions:19'' long*7.5''wide*6''high
  • Top Quality Pyrex(R) glass tube
  • All Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction, will NEVER RUST!
  • External Reflectors included. They are made from highly polished and textured aluminum (95%+ reflective) for maximum light output without "hot-spots"
  • 6" Open Ends for straight through design allows for MAXIMUM inline air cooling
  • BUILT IN 5KV Pulse Rated Mogul Socket fits H.I.D. lamps/bulbs.
  • High Strength Eye Hook Hangers Included
  • Can be used Horizontally or Vertically!
  • Fits all H.I.D. bulbs except the large 1,000 watt Metal Halide BT56 bulb (the one that is as big as a football)

Perfect for grow rooms in which CO2 is being used! Vent air from outside room, through COOL TUBE reflector and vent back outside grow room. Just cool the air from the reflector and bulb (the bulb is what's giving off the heat) and leave the CO2 in the grow room for the plants.


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