The Future of Indoor Gardening

      The world of indoor gardening was changed forever with the introduction of digital lighting. A new alternative to heavy, noisy, power wasting core and coil ballasts had reached our shores.
Like everything new and exciting there is a downside. Many companies eagerly came out with technology too quick that has not been tested in real life gardens. Many of these ballasts cannot stand up to the atmospheric demands that gardeners put on their equipment. This has led to high failure rates amongst our competitors. These failures include RF (radio frequency) interference, burnt circuit boards, and faulty cord ends.
Finally, the world of digital lighting is about to change in a big way.  Vampire Series Lighting is now the paradigm of lighting technology. Farmanin  analyzed the mistakes and failures made by others in their quest for digital lighting, and utilized that knowledge to bring us the best in high intensity illumination.


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