How big is the machine?

The machine is 3.5 feet tall (42 inches), 4.5 feet wide (52 inches), and 2ft. 4in. deep.


How much work does it involve?

All our models are complete, turn-key systems, a PLC timer contols all functions which are set at the factory and password protected, so you cannot stop the unit from functioning by hitting the wrong button accidentially. It requires about 30 minutes a 3 -4 times per week of maintenance. The unit also comes complete with directions on how to set up and maintain your system.


How often do I change the water?

You should change the water once a week. All nutrient is added and mixed together, then PH balanced. Check PH balance and water levels at mid-week and adjust accordingly.


What about nutrients or plant food?

Available (optional) with the unit, it includes Micro, Grow, Bloom, pH UP and DOWN


What about Co2?

Available (optional) with the unit, the Co2 option increases your yield by as much as 25%. Already pre-set, it comes on 3 times a day, at 9:00am, 12:00pm, and 3:00pm.


What about smell?

The unit can be purchased with a coco-carbon filter to eliminate unwanted odors and particulate matter from the air.


What kind of lighting does it have?

The vegetative chamber has a 135 watt, 6400K CFL, compact flourescent light, the flowering chamber has a 400 watt High Pressure Sodium light with it's own ballast and UL/CSA rated high voltage cable.


How often do I have to change it?

Each HPS HID light bulb is good for 1 year or approx. 6 eight week flowering cycles. the CFL (compact florescent light) can last much longer. ie: Cost to replace HPS bulb is only $30.00us plus shipping.


What kind of power does it draw?

The Quickie draws 4.7 amps, about $8 - 15 dollars a month depending upon where you live and hydro costs.


Does it generate a lot of heat?

The Quickie has a glass enclosed, air-cooled 400 watt bulb, preventing heating problems.



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